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Thousands of satisfied customers !


Over 30 years of professional experience

working for major corporations, small business,

and home users as well.

Did you know most repairs can actually be fixed. There is no need to erase everything and start over, which seems to be common practice with other repair companies. I will take the time to repair the problem, and then, if needed, backup your data, reinstall windows, etc, then restore your backup.


Today's most common problems are due to spyware that has installed itself onto your system. This will cause your computer to slow down considerably, not work properly, and possibly steal your information. Your computer must be properly protected, and updated to reduce your chance of being infected with these nasty viruses and spyware. Even if you think that you are protected, some of them still manage to get in. I have the tools, and knowledge to dig deeply into your system to detect and remove any of these objects that may exist.


Is your network installed properly? Is it secured? With a Home or Business network configured properly, you should be able to share files, printers, and multimedia between all your computers. You also have the capability to access your computer from any other computer in the world connected to the internet.


Are you backing up? I see a lot of hard drives go bad. Although data retrieval is possible, this can be costly. There are so many different ways to backup your computer nowadays, it can be confusing as to what's right for you. I will be more than happy to discuss what backup would be right for you.




I now have Remote Support capability. As long as you can get on the internet, I can connect to your pc remotely and fix it or answer any questions you may have. Remote repairs will usually be more inexpensive than on-site service calls.

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